Find Out The Main Differences Between Emotional Hunger & Physical Hunger

Emotional binging is one of the vital causes that lead to obesity. There are many times you might not really understand whether the hunger that your stomach craves for is physical or is it emotional. Once you understand the basic differences between emotional hunger & physical hunger you will be in a better position to tackle the emotional eating problem.  Below mentioned are few clues to help you out:

  • Emotional eating always takes place in a sudden manner. It is caused due to anxiety which makes you want to eat urgently. Whereas physical hunger happens gradually. Physical hunger is caused only if you have not eaten for a longer period of time. Physical hunger does not cause anxiety.
  • Physical hunger can be satisfied with normal food and even healthy foods like salads and fruits. However in case of emotional hunger there are only specific foods that satisfy you. High calorie foods such as fried and junk foods and even sugary foods are eaten in excess specially during emotional binging.
  • Your mind does not function when you are emotionally eating. You are not made aware and hence without paying much heed you tend to polish off more food than intended to. For example a bag of chips or an entire packet of candies are easily polished off. In case of physical hunger your mind is extremely aware of what you are eating and what will be the repercussions you will face.

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